Cocoa powder. It is obtained by grinding the dry beans.


mancacao[1]Cocoa paste. It is obtained by fusion of cocoa butter. After roasting, cracking and de-shelling the beans, they are grinded into a thick creamy paste, at a temperature of 50 to 70 degrees centigrade. As a result we obtain chocolate liquor or cocoa paste. Afterwards, the product goes through machines with agitation and ventilating systems that maintain a temperature of 98 degrees centigrade. Finally, the liquid will be processed into chocolate by mixing in cocoa butter and sugar, and will then be refined, molded and tempered.


Cocoa butter. It is produced by pressing roasted beans. Cocoa paste or cocoa liquor is put under a pressure of 550lb/cm², during which the cocoa butter is separated from the cocoa. After eliminating the solids from the butter using filters, the butter will enter in a grinding machine that will crush any hard bits formed by the pressing process.



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