“Hot and sweet at the same time”

IMCO’s market position

With over 2,000 metric tons sold yearly to more than 30 countries, IMCO is one of the leading exporters in Mexico, offering the best quality and service, thanks to its decades of experience in the field, its modern infrastructure and the certification in ISO 9001-2000 by SGS. For 25 years now we have sold allspice worldwide and to every Mexican State. Moreover, we keep own inventories in certified warehouses in Hamburg and Rotterdam, which are the centres of the allspice trade in Europe.


In Spanish it’s called “pimienta gorda” (literally: “fat pepper ball”), in order to distinguish it from “black pepper”, which is of smaller size. The first Spanish conquerors called it “Pimenta”, which resulted in its botanical name (link to botanic origin). Its English name “allspice” derives from its ability to combine well with other spices, like black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg and from its aroma that resembles a combination of various spices. Allspice is also known as: “Tabasco pepper”, “Jamaica pepper” and “sweet pepper”.

Botanic origin

Allspice is the dried fruit of the Pimienta Dioicia L., a tropical evergreen from the myrtle family (Myrraceae).The tree can grow to 15 meters tall and flowers in April and May. Its small flowers are white and the elliptic shaped leaves are shiny and dark green. After 4 years, the tree begins giving fruit. When mature, the fruit turns from green to purple.

Geographic origin

The tropical plant “piper nigrum” comes from India (specifically the state of Kerala) and Java (Indonesia). India continues to be the largest producer in the world.

Production process

At harvest the fruit is cut by hand and immediately dried. This can be done artificially with gas or can be sun-dried. To separate the fruit from residual leaves and twigs a blowing machine is used. The heavier fruit is separated from lighter materials resulting in FAQ (Fair Average Quality). At IMCO we use modern machines with magnets to also eliminate rocks, nails and metals that weigh more than the allspice. Besides, IMCO applies size-selecting machinery that selects the size of the pepper ball in order to achieve our PREMIUM QUALITY. For a more detailed explanation of this process, please contact us or use your login. We aim to give the most personalized attention to each order, from packing to shipping (terrestrial or maritime), to maintain the high quality of our product. We use the highest hygiene standards and respect each client’s specific requirements. Since 2008 we also have obtained our ISO 9001-2000 certification guaranteeing our professional commitment to our commercial partners and clients.




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